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Almost home is an organization that provides affordable and secure home mortgages to qualified applicants who are upside down in their home mortgages and/or who are at risk of losing their homes, or who cannot qualify for a home loan.

To accomplish this, in addition to providing affordable and secure home mortgages, we offer training in credit management and credit repair, so they are self-sufficient in handling money and their finances.

Almost Home is associated with Keerthi Foundation. Keerthi Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to help enable people to take the next step towards being self-sufficient financially, as well as, living independently for the rest of their lives.

Almost Home is located in Las Vegas, NV, USA and is administered by Teresa Curtis and Jeffrey Chattin.



Our mission is to help people in their financial lives, as well as, promoting the well-being of their physical and emotional health, enabling them to live a full, balanced life.  Our primary goal is to help people learn how to take control of their finances before they become an emotional issue.

According to the American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress, NY (Research Date: 7/8/2014), "Money" is the second leading cause of stress in the U.S.  And because we understand how financial concerns can take a toll on a person's emotional health, as well as, their physical health, it is our mission to provide the necessary, preventative education and training that can help to eliminate stress over money worries.

Our secondary goal is to provide education and training on how to handle your personal finances and credit, now and in the future—allowing a new lease on life. We offer this training on personal finances and credit management to ensure that our applicants do not dig themselves into a financial hole or get themselves into a financial crunch, after refinancing.  With our guidance, you will be empowered to continue to move forward in your financial life, stress free.



Knowing that we can provide the necessary education and financial assistance, allowing more people to move into positions of financial stability and live better lives, is the driving force behind what we do.  This consists of three main areas:

  • To assist as many people, financially, as were able to.
  • To create enough capital to expand aid to other qualified applicants.
  • To ensure the company is self-sufficient, financially.


 The Financial Services Industry

Our company is heavily involved in the financial services industry and has a unique approach in two aspects of this industry; Mortgages, including refinancing, and Credit Management.  Let us put you on the right path to financial freedom.