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How to View the Money Guides

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University Money Guides


This University is divided into sections so that you can pick out what you need based on your money issues. Please go through the Basic Training, no matter where you are financially in your life, as we refer to the methods taught there throughout the website. We’ve also added a section for tips & tricks that does not come from us, but are nicely done by others so we decided not to “reinvent the wheel”. Please note that we may not agree with everything they say, but they are good guidelines to wake you up to ideas that may be new to you.

Remember YOU are responsible for your money decisions, this is training on how to look at money from a new perspective and the pitfalls to avoid that await you.



Basic Training

This is the base upon which everything else is built. Whether you are deeply in debt or have come into a massive windfall, you should have a firm grasp of the basics.


Budget is not a bad word

People think of budgets as a limiting factor to what they want to do, rather than an organization tool to help them get what they want. Put your emotions aside and really think about what your goals are and use this tool to reach your goals.


 Mastering Your Money


To learn more about "Mastering Your Money," Click HERE!


See "Tips & Tricks" - Money Management

These are other peoples’ opinions that are both backups to what we are saying, plus further information.


Strangle those credit cards before they strangle you

The how and why to get those credit cards paid off. It isn’t as hard as you think. We will also show you how to use and maintain your cards.


Handling Credit Cards

To learn more about "Handling Credit Cards," Click HERE!


How and why to get and keep a good credit score

Did you know you have several credit scores? And not just from the different reporting agencies, but for different purposes. We will show you how to clean up your credit scores to reach your financial goals.


Getting a Good Credit Score


To learn more about "Getting a Good Credit Score," Click HERE!


See "Tips & Tricks" - Identity Theft

The best trick against identity theft is to deal with the world through a Trust or a legal business entity (Corporation or LLC) where anyone who gets your info will have to have corporate papers to get credit. This is discussed further under investments. PLEASE do NOT use your debit card anywhere!!!!! Get a Credit Card, even if you have to have a secured one (Cash in bank to cover it) because a stolen debit card number can lead to your bank accounts and wiping out everything we have worked for. The information in this section is from other people, but they go deeper into how to protect yourself.



Advanced Money Management

Once you have a handle on the basics of Money Management, it is important for you to know how to proceed from there.  Below, are our more advanced training's to help you protect and grow your assets.  As you go through the Advanced Training, please see the "Wealth Management" and "Windfall" sections in the Tips and Tricks.


How to invest your money (not where, that’s your job)

These are some rule of thumb discussions on how to diversify your investments so that you won’t get caught in the mess of business or bank failure.


 How To Invest Money

To learn more about "How To Invest Money," Click HERE!


Protecting your assets (why and from whom? Identity Theft and beyond)

You hear a lot about protecting your assets. Most people think that its about tax issues, which is true, but it also about a suit happy environment. We will show you how to protect yourself with different tricks the wealthy have known about for years.


Protecting Your Assets

To learn more about "Protecting Your Assets," Click HERE!


See "Tips & Tricks" - Windfall

All kinds of discussions on how to handle getting a windfall of money. We suggest you look at “How to invest” section before you check these out so you will have a basic idea on what they are talking about. Also, please read all the info on what happens to your thinking when you get a windfall. Remember our philosophy that most peoples money ideas are all in their head and we need to get emotion out of the way.


Murphy’s Universal Laws

OK, this one is just for fun. Murphy’s Law is “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Someone sent us a bunch of these and we added to them, just because!


 Murphy's Law


To learn more about "Murphy's Universal Laws," Click HERE!


Business Trusts

Many people may have heard of Business Trusts, including some attorneys.  But in my experience, few have a clear understanding of their possible benefits when properly drafted and utilized.  These have a much different flavor than other Trusts.


Business Trusts


 To learn more about "Business Trusts," Click HERE!